National Crime Prevention Council  

Special Event

"Special Code Red Radio Show coverage of the National Crime Prevention Council's 8th National Conference On Preventing Crime"

Atlanta, GA October 3-5, 2007

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eeMedia, LLC  

Child Security & Safety Teleseminar

A while back Alfred McComber had the pleasure of teaming up with Elena Patrice and Elizabeth Sills of Fairfax, VA based eeMedia, LLC to produce a very special Child Security & Safety Teleseminar and Global Internet Simulcast designed to provide parents, grandparents, nannies, childcare providers, teachers, etc., with some of the latest tips, strategies and information to help keep children safe and secure in today's dangerous and often violent world.

Alfred's panel of well-known Child Security Experts included the Honorable Nancy Harvey Steorts--Former Chairman, of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and author of the book, "Safe Living In A Dangerous World." Full-Time Police Sergeant James Giammarinaro, with the St. Augustine, Florida Police Department and author of the book, "Parents, Predators and Prevention" as well as Dr. Pamela Pine--Founder and CEO of "Stop the Silence" a Washington DC area non-profit organization dedicated to stopping Child Sexual Abuse worldwide.

We encourage you to listen to this exciting FREE recorded event and share this resource with other parents, grandparents, teachers, nannies, childcare providers, etc.,
so they too can learn how to keep children in their care safe and secure in today's often crazy and violent world.

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