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Do you have a "well thought out and tested" plan of action to survive a criminal attack, terrorism incident, or even a natural or manmade disaster right this very moment? In today's unsafe and often very violent world, you MUST have a solid SURVIVAL PLAN to take immediate ACTION and direct individual responsibility for YOU and YOUR LOVED ONE's OWN Personal Security, Safety and Emergency Preparedeness BEFORE any attempted violent criminal attack, major disaster or other emergency crisis occurs.

You can't just rely on "Dialing 911" and waiting for police and fire personnel to show up. Whether it's an automobile accident, home invasion, rape, workplace violence, fire, drowning, plane or helicopter crash, boating accident, terrorism, robbery, carjacking or even natural disasters such as severe storms, tornados, mudslides, wildfires, earthquakes, floods or hurricanes, you must have a quality plan of action in place BEFORE disaster strikes.

Talk Show Host Alfred McComber is "The Bodyguard To The Rich & Famous" and he is also "America's Head Coach On Personal Security, Safety & Emergency Preparedness." As an experienced, 29-year veteran law enforcement professional and high-level dignitary protection agent who has guarded some of the most famous and high profile people from around the globe, "Coach Al" and his expert knowledgeable guests become your "Virtual Personal Bodyguard Team" here on the Homeland Defense Channel.

While Coach Al is a known practical joker, he is dead serious when it comes to keeping people safe and secure. His thought-provoking show has previously been available and broadcast on Fox News Radio's Local Washington, DC Affiliate Station as well as Federal News Radio, (now 1500AM) in the nation's capital. Coach Al's "No Nonsense" Code Red! radio show is specifically dedicated to your personal security, safety and emergency preparedness.

Alfred McComber and his high profile guests present innovative ideas, tips and strategies to protect you, your family, your children at school and even your business, organization or agency in the event of any emergency, disaster or personal security or safety crisis.

Code Red! features in-depth, top quality interviews with the most knowledgeable and experienced high level Federal, State & Local Government Officials as well as highly acclaimed, leading law enforcement, fire & rescue and emergency preparedness first responder experts, and top notch private sector safety and security professionals to keep you safe and prepared for emergencies that can strike any time, any where!

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